Online weighbridge system

ØOnline Weighbridge software connects weighbridge, it works as a web-based system. for e.g: If the company has Head Office at one location and data is centralized, than the data from various plant/ unit location will be done same time.
ØOnline weighbridge software contains technology php and mysql., hence company’s are not required to purchase these licenses.      
ØWeighbridge software is a weighing and computing system with extensive data extraction, collection and processing functions.
ØThis Weighbridge software is designed to help company’s manage and track the critical information created at the time of weighing and label products in an easy and flexible manner.
ØSoftware working with multi database like Oracle, SQL Server, MS SQL, Access .
ØReports are designed to give various output as required. Reports can be made available for all the parameters to give users in-depth analysis of their business.
ØWeigh Master also has an option for exporting of reports in different formats like Microsoft excel, standard reports include .

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