Rail in Motion

ØThe state of art highly sophisticated yet simple in-motion weighing system.
ØIts intelligent, innovative system is designed to detect the different type of wagons to initiate the axle or bogie weighing.
ØAlso it  detects the different type of engines and eliminates its Weighment. The speed of wagon is directly related to the accuracy of Weighment.
ØCompliant to (OIML) standards.
ØAccuracy of better than 0.25% for full train.
ØSuitable for industrial applications such as cement, steel, ores, extraction, petrochemicals, recycling & ports.
ØPrecise weight data reports can be interfaced with your clients business system via Pcs, Ethernet, Internet.
ØThe high speed A/D Micro Controller are having a remarkable compatibility to achieve accurate Weighment even up to a speed of 15 KM/hr.

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